The First Draft


I decided to make a blog after reading a scathing article about why no one should become a writer. Writing is really the only thing that I’ve ever been sure of. It’s the only thing that I’ve had as a safe haven, if you will. The article was terrible! It destroyed the small smidgen of hope I had been clinging to. But, then, I got thinking. Sure, it’ll be hard. I knew that before. But that doesn’t mean I should stop trying just because an article pointed out, quite candidly, what I’ve been harboring inside my mind for years now.

The article got me thinking. I definitely know I don’t want go into business, finance, or really any  boring, typical jobs. I’ll fantasize about being a marine biologist or something like that but I always come back to writing. Writing lets me be me (I don’t care how cliche that sounds). I love telling stories and thinking of them in my head. I want to share my stories, my imagination. I’m sick of living in my own world and being too afraid to let it show. I’ll be honest though, I want to be a successful author. What writer doesn’t? But I want it, I need it. I don’t care how pathetic this sounds but, I need to be validated. Long, sappy story short, I need it to show those who have hurt me that I am worth something.

That article, though. It pierced my heart. If I didn’t feel completely worthless then, I definitely do now. But, I’m glad I came across that article. It started a fire inside of me that has launched me out of my slump and back to the pen and paper. I’m going to prove that article and its writer wrong. And, I think, everyone should to. Crushing someone’s dreams by writing about how no one should become an accountant, a firefighter, or whatever, should only propel that person forward. Doubts can fuel success, if only they are directed in the right way.


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